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2019 China's intelligent manufacturing market and industrial Internet blue book release!

Pubdate:2019-11-05 Views:323

After the morning's interpretation of the meso policy, sensitive industries and the whole automation market, we all have more thoughts on the short-term and long-term market development of the automation market.

In the afternoon, we continue to focus on the medium and long-term market. Compared with the past time and the future time in the morning, the afternoon market seems to have a more "now in progress" meaning. Now, intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet have made great strides at twice the growth rate of the automation market.

For the "trend has come" intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet market, what development trends can we see from the development in 2018? Let's take a look at the detailed interpretation.

"It has been a while since the concept and project of intelligent manufacturing came to the ground. Today, looking at intelligent manufacturing is different from the past." That's what DILIN said. Indeed, the current intelligent manufacturing market is developing rapidly, and its path is gradually clear. Therefore, DILIN not only analyzes the Chinese intelligent manufacturing market from the data but also from the path.

Data shows that intelligent manufacturing continues to grow steadily and rapidly, expanding at twice the growth rate of the automation market, which shows the change speed of the market. "The biggest change in the smart manufacturing market in 2016-2018 is industrial interconnection. Users have gradually clarified the differences between smart manufacturing and traditional automation, and relevant projects have been gradually implemented and deepened." Intelligent manufacturing is not achieved overnight, but in stages. At present, China's automation market is constantly deepening. In this process, the degree of digitalization is constantly improving, the practice of networking is increasing, and the introduction of intelligence begins, and finally the intelligent manufacturing is implemented.

Facing the development in 2019, DILIN pointed out that "China's intelligent manufacturing market will continue to maintain rapid development." At present, the intelligent manufacturing market is in the period of demonstration and accelerated cultivation. Based on the evolution of the market pattern, DILIN predicted that "in 2019, the demand for diagnosis planning will blow out and guide the development of the project; the technical framework will move towards the application scenario, collaborative R & D and industry deepening; the talent competition will begin to play out, and the talent reserve and competition will become increasingly fierce; the era of continuous strengthening of capital cognition and industry financing will come soon; the leaders will make efforts and the followers will enter, and the structure of fierce competition will change."

From the perspective of the overall environment, the global industrial enterprises are transforming from digital to network. For domestic enterprises, external pressure and internal competition force them to commit to change, and the industrial Internet is the focus of attention. Based on the development of industrial Internet market, Deng Yu analyzed the development of global and domestic industrial Internet.

Deng Yu pointed out: "from a global perspective, the industrial Internet presents IAAs oligopoly, PAAS is based on professionalism to expand the general-purpose, SaaS focuses on the development of professional depth; PAAS is gradually becoming the focus and key breakthrough of platform development; manufacturing enterprises with high level of information technology have knowledge and experience in manufacturing technology, management technology and information technology application As the main force of PAAS construction, the leading ICT enterprises are the pioneers of the key enabling technologies of industrial PAAS, and Chinese Internet enterprises may become another main force of industrial PAAS. "

Based on the current situation of China's industrial Internet development, Deng Yu interprets it from multiple dimensions. First of all, under the guidance of the government, driven by the national guidance and regional exploration, automation, equipment manufacturing, ICT and other enterprises are diversified to promote development. However, at this stage, the technical capacity system of domestic industrial Internet platform is not complete. Secondly, cooperation. Now, win-win cooperation has become an industry consensus. Large enterprises take the lead in participating, but the value sharing mechanism is not mature, and merger and acquisition is an important way to make up the key technology gap. The last is industrial chain cooperation, which realizes resource integration and business expansion through deep cultivation of vertical industrial chain and regional cooperation, but there are few business transformation and innovation applications in this process.

At present, domestic industrial Internet applications are concentrated in industries with high degree of digitalization and great application value. The machinery and energy industries are leading the development, and the application emphasis of each industry is different.

Finally, Deng Yu concluded, "according to gongkong ®, the scale of China's industrial Internet market in 2018 was 135 billion yuan, an increase of 17.4% compared with 2017.". Among them, industrial data collection, the foundation of industrial Internet, accounts for the largest proportion, and the growth rate of cloud service market is the most significant. As the basic industrial data value of the industrial Internet continues to increase, the growth of cloud service market is the most significant. "

In the past year, intelligent manufacturing has maintained a stable growth. At the same time, 2018 is the year when the industrial Internet policy is implemented. Two blue books give us more confidence in the future development of the industry.